Fees / Services

When it comes to being able to afford your prenatal/birth/postpartum care, a Licensed Midwife is a great option.  My fee is approximately 70% less than what prenatal care with an OBGYN, and delivery in a hospital setting would cost you, so you can afford to receive quality care that is personalized to you.  I also offer discounts and payment plans, and am accepted by most major insurance plans, to further minimize the stress on your checkbook.  Please feel free to contact me for specifics regarding package pricing and discounts available. 

Midwifery Services Include:

  • 24 hour midwife availability for any questions or concerns you might have during the prenatal, birth and postpartum periods
  • Prenatal visits, including: counseling on nutrition, preventative health activities and breastfeeding; periodic screening of blood; review of transferred records; initial complete physical examination and medical history review; monitoring of current health of mother and baby.  Visits will be monthly until 28 weeks, bi-weekly until 36 weeks, and then weekly until delivery.
  • Basic laboratory tests
  • Continuous care, support and monitoring by the midwife, for both mother and baby, during active labor, birth and immediate postpartum
  • An additional Licensed Midwife or Registered Nurse to assist at your home birth
  • Immediate newborn exam and general infant care for the first 6 weeks
  • Postpartum visits at 2-3 days, 2 weeks and 6 weeks (more frequently if needed)
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Newborn eye prophylaxis “Erythromycin” and intramuscular Vitamin K medications for baby (if desired)
  • Medical birth equipment and supplies

Birth Center Services Include: 

  • Full use of the birth center facility while you are in active labor through the immediate postpartum, for yourself and any family members you desire to be present for your birth
  • Private birth rooms, with comfortable beds and ensuite bathrooms
  • Aqua therapy with our large showers and birth tubs 
  • Herbal bath postpartum with you and your baby
  • All medical and non-medical equipment and supplies
  • Use of a birthing stool and/or ball
  • Musical equipment for your labor playlist
  • Diffusers with essential oils for aromatherapy, or feel free to bring your own!
  • TV, DVDs and toys to distract your children and keep them occupied
  • Snacks and drinks provided while you are in labor, with an on-site kitchen to store any other food or drinks you would like to bring with you


We proudly serve the natural birthing families of Lubbock and surrounding areas!