Natural Birth


Imagine a candle-lit room with soft music playing in the background.  There are no strangers, no machines beeping, no wires from multiple devices wrapped around you.  You have the freedom to move as you wish, eat and drink as desired, and labor however you would like.  Then when you feel the urge to push, you are encouraged to trust your body…told you are powerful…told you are amazing.  You find a position that works for you and feels right, then you birth your child and bring him/her up onto your chest to nuzzle and nurse without disruption.  


While this is just an example since no two births are alike, you will have the freedom to choose what is important to you and how you want to experience your birth.  Whether you desire a water birth, older children to be present, partner to catch your baby, pictures/video, etc....all of that is possible!  While my role as your midwife is to help ensure the safety of you and your baby, it is also very important to me that you enjoy your birthing experience. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I would like to make it as personalized and memorable as possible for you.