Midwifery Care

When you make the decision to have a Licensed Midwife as your care provider for your pregnancy and delivery, there are numerous benefits you and your baby will receive.  Not only is a Licensed Midwife a SAFE alternative to a physician for low-risk moms, but the individualized quality of care and the bond you develop with your Midwife is unmatched.  

Since I plan each visit to take 45-90 minutes, there is always plenty of time for discussion regarding anything that may be going on in your life.   Pregnancy is not just about your uterus and the baby inside of it; it encompasses your whole being in ways that are physical, emotional and spiritual. I’d like to get to know you and build a relationship with you so that when the time comes for your baby’s arrival, it is truly a more intimate and joyous occasion for us all. 

You are welcome to have whomever you would like at your visits (including your other children).  I love having partners and siblings involved in prenatal visits since this is an event that will change the lives of everyone.  I think it is a good opportunity for others to also ask questions, feel more at ease with the transition that is to come and to get involved with the pregnancy.  I encourage children to help me measure the baby and listen to the heartbeat during the visit and feel that this small act can have a very large impact on their relationship with you and the new baby. Since pregnancy does not only involve the mother, midwifery care seeks to incorporate all family members into the process. 

You will be apprised of all tests, procedures, protocols, as well as the benefits/risks to each of them so that you will be able to make an informed decision that is right for you and your baby.  I am not here to judge you, or tell you what to do with your body or baby.  I will give you the information needed to be able to make an informed decision, and then honor whatever you decide.  You know yourself and your baby better than anyone, and that should be appreciated and taken into consideration when it comes to choices you will need to make.  I am here to help you navigate your path; not tell you which path to take.